Bright Game Panel

Easy-to-use game control panel for communities.


Bootstrap Powered

Bright Game Panel was built with Bootstrap from the start, allowing a responsive design and a highly customisable template system with HTML5 / CSS3.



An enhanced statistics system was integrated to BGPanel making monitoring easier for administrators.



We are aware security is currently very important. We take security as our top focus, we have used components in conjunction with the OS platform to provide a very powerful security architecture.



Our main goal was to build a universal game control panel, supporting as many games as possible. Bright Game Panel comes with a preset database of the most played games for a faster configuration of your game servers.


Bright Game Panel

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Bright Game Panel is a free and open source game server control panel. "BGPanel" utilizes many standard technologies available on many shared hosting platforms which gives all communities the ability to remotely control their game servers.

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Best Choice

From an easy template system to an incredible method of game server management, you will find its the best panel you will need for your community!

Easy to Use

Your game servers are ready in a few clicks via the game database included in the panel. Edit or remove it from your box in a few seconds!

Easy to Install

BGPanel itself only requires a web server with some extensions. There is no scripts or daemons to set up on game server boxes!

Highly Secure

BPanel is a reliable product concerning security by using the last encryption and authentication methods.
Communication between the panel and game boxes is established using SSH2 protocol in addition to the AES256 encryption.

Enhanced Monitoring

Monitor your game servers as well as your boxes via our built-in statistics system.


In addition to the monitoring feature, this one enables the ability to graph player statistics, resource usage, and uptime.

Fully Responsive

You can administer your servers from your desktop, but also with your smartphone or with your internet tablet without any effort!

Control Games

Manage all different types of services with Bright Game Panel. Choose from over 25 configurations supplied directly by BGPanel. You can also create your own configurations if they are not available.


Bright Game Panel is fueled by Bootstrap and Bootswatch. We use style sheets to create our themes. This is an easy way to modify BGPanel visual appearance.


We have added some useful tools for you in BGPanel, such as a Game RCON Tool or a Script Manager. It has been designed to save time for server administrators in day to day activities.

Panel Activity Logs

All actions are notified and stored with the username, IP and the timestamp. You can download logs in several types of format.

Planned Works

  • WebFTP
  • Game Server Files Management
  • Cache System
  • Voice Servers
  • And Much More...


Web Server

  • Linux OS
  • PHP Version 5.3.4 or Greater
  • PHP Safe Mode Disabled
  • MySQL Database
  • Curl Extension
  • FSOCKOPEN Function
  • MAIL Function
  • MBSTRING Extension
  • BZIP2 Extension
  • ZLIB Extension
  • GD Extension
  • FreeType Extension
  • SimpleXML Extension

Game Server Boxes

  • Linux OS